Rachael B.--Parent at Covenant Life School

"I just want to express my gratefulness for the chess program at CLS. Carter has absolutely loved exploring this new passion and interacting with other students who enjoy the game. He has found his instructor to be very encouraging, and it has really improved his confidence. Thank you for making it available and giving our children the opportunity to expand their horizons and challenge themselves in such a friendly and supportive environment!"

~Rachael B., Parent of 4th Grader at

Covenant Life School, MD

Sam Wilbur--8th Grade Student--CLS

“Dear Dr. B,

Your Best Chess has inspired me to greater heights in chess than I could have imagined. The instructors are very talented and have helped me better understand basic through advanced level concepts. Having attended your camp, I know students will improve their skills as they spend the day learning how chess works. In my opinion, the tournaments provide the best practical instruction by allowing students to use their skills in a competitive environment. Your tournaments are really fun and have increased my passion, skills, and confidence. Also, I know firsthand as an intern to your company that you can run a business well and efficiently. I learned so much during my internship and can’t thank you enough for that opportunity. Overall, I think Your Best Chess is a terrific way to learn something new.”

~Sam (8th Grade Student)

Steve Wilbur--CLS

“Dr. B,

Thank you so much for allowing Sam to intern with Your Best Chess. Sam’s internship has provided him with a better understanding about the challenges and rewards of operating a small business. It’s also worth mentioning that Sam’s enthusiasm for the game of chess has grown exponentially having attended classes, camps, and tournaments sponsored by Your Best Chess. I appreciate your passion for this game and how you instill that same passion in the hearts of your students. Also, I have seen firsthand how you expertly conduct your classes, engaging with students and family members. I just can’t say enough good things about Your Best Chess—please receive my appreciation. Keep up the good work and all the best to you and your staff.”

~Steve Wilbur (Parent at Covenant Life School)