YOUR BEST CHESS (YBC) delivers a Chess experience like no other.  Our name defines who we are, what we do, how we do it and who we do it for--every student, every class, every semester, every scholastic tournament and every camp.  Our approach is based on 55 years of combined playing/teaching experience--training Chess students of all ages and skill levels.  The YBC program is designed to challenge every student.  We have developed a fun, interesting, proven, interactive curriculum--including class tournaments--enhancing the skills necessary to succeed in both Chess and life's daily challenges.  Are you ready?


Our objectives for ALL "Your Best Chess" students:

Have fun! ThinkReason, and Problem-Solve! Learn Chess! Improve One’s Game! Play in tournaments to gauge one’s progress!


Our Programs



We offer "Full Day" and "Half Day" camps each summer at a variety of locations.



Our classes engage every skill level at local elementary and middle schools.




We organize two Area-Wide Tournaments each year in the Fall/Winter and late Spring.

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Your Best Chess provides camps and mini-camps throughout the year and throughout the nation during the months of December, June, July and August.  Both "Full Day" (9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.) and "Half Day" (9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon OR 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.) options are available.  No matter the ability level (beginning to advanced), youngsters will have an exciting time as they:  learn the game of Chess, improve their game, learn new strategies/skills, rise in self-confidence, have a great class tournament experience, and tap their amazing brain WITHOUT the use of a "screen"!  Your Best Chess camps are entertaining, fun and enjoyable... no boredom will be found at any of our camps!  Keep your eye out for details on upcoming Summer 2019 camps/locations.


2018 SUMMER camp RECAP:


Your Best Chess just completed THREE phenomenal Summer camps in the states of:


Students in grades 1-8 spent a fun, memorable week with Dr. B and Staff as they tackled so many important life skills:

Chess (basic to advanced skills), sportsmanship challenges (on both the "winning" AND the "losing" side), self confidence, developing relationship with new peers, growing/working as a "Team", and the list goes on... 

We couldn't have asked for a better group of kids at every camp!  Thank you to all parents for trusting us with your children--allowing us to teach, guide and influence them as it pertains to all of these VERY important skills that they will carry with them throughout their entire lifetime.  

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Every one-hour class consists of a structured lesson (all skill levels are taught separately). Groups are given ample time to play actual games (youngsters in these age brackets need some unstructured time or they interpret enrichment programs as an extension of school). Plenty of time is allocated for questions and answers at the end of each class to reinforce what has been taught that day.

Our final class in every session is what we refer to as "Tournament Trophy Day". All of our chess players will engage in a four-round tournament followed by the presentation of trophies that everyone will have earned!!!! That’s right…each student will be rewarded with a trophy by simply demonstrating that they are actively learning chess!!!!! What could serve as a better learning environment?!?!?!


Current Classes throughout:

Fredrick County, MD

Montgomery County, MD




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Bannockburn Pic.jpg

FALL 2018

Ashburn, VA

Oct. 9 - Nov. 27


FALL 2018

Bethesda, MD

Oct. 10 - Dec. 12



FALL 2018

Falls Church, VA

Oct. 15 - Dec. 10


Clermont Pic.jpg

FALL 2018

Alexandria, VA

Oct. 11 - Dec. 6


  FALL SEMESTER 2017 (Kindergarten - 8th)    Gaithersburg, MD    Sept. 14 - Dec. 7

FALL 2018

Gaithersburg, MD

Sept. 12 - Nov. 14


FALL 2018

Ashburn, VA

Oct. 5 - Dec. 7


Fairfax Villa.jpg

FALL 2018

Fairfax, VA

Oct. 3 - Dec. 5

Lane Pic.jpg
Little Bennett.png

FALL 2018

Alexandria, VA

Oct. 5 - Nov. 30


FALL 2018

Clarksburg, MD

Oct. 18 - Dec. 13



Want to begin a "Your Best Chess" program in your school?


Washington Metropolitan Area-Wide Scholastic Tournament


Your Best Chess organizes TWO (2) Area-Wide Tournaments each year--Fall/Winter and late Spring/early Summer.   This is a great opportunity for youngsters to obtain the unique experience of playing in a Chess tournament.  YOUR BEST CHESS stresses participation in an event like this, as students benefit magnificently in their academia, self confidence and self esteem. 

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SAT. JUNE 16, 2018...  SCHOLASTIC                      AREA-WIDE                        TOURNAMENT! 



CONGRATULATIONS to ALL 51 students (from 13 schools)

who participated in YBC's 2018 Summer Tournament in

Gaithersburg, Maryland!


Schools Represented:

8.  German International School  (Potomac, MD)

9.  Immanuel Christian School  (Springfield, VA)

10.  Lane E.S.  (Alexandria, VA)

11.  Laurel Hill E.S.  (Lorton, VA)

12.  Moorefield Station E.S.  (Ashburn, VA)

13.  Nottingham E.S.  (Arlington, VA)

 1.  Bannockburn E.S. (Bethesda, MD)

2.  Bells Mill E.S.  (Potomac, MD)

3.   Brent E.S.  (Washington D.C.)

4.  Carroll E.S.  (Southlake, TX)

5.  Clermont E.S.  (Alexandria, VA)

6.  Covenant Life School  (Gaithersburg, MD)

7.  Dominion Trail E.S.  (Ashburn, VA)


Trophy Winners

K - 1st Grade

1.  Connor Bibbs (Dominion Trail E.S.)

2.  Holden Buswell (Moorefield Station E.S.)

3.  Daniel Phelan (Nottingham E.S.)

2nd-3rd Grade

1.  Donovan Wheelock (Brent E.S.)

2.  Luke Nguyen (Immanuel Christian School)

3.  Dominic Hayden (Moorefield Station E.S.)


4th-5th Grade

1.  Max Mina (Nottingham E.S.)

2.  Zachary Baney (Dominion Trail E.S.)

3.  Yogesh Thambidurai (Dominion Trail E.S.)

6th and Older

1.  Sam Wilbur (Covenant Life School)

2.  Joey Jackson (Covenant Life School)

3.  Nguyen Tran (Immanuel Christian School)



1.  Dominion Trail Elementary School

2.  Moorefield Station Elementary School

3.  Immanuel Christian School


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